2015 – Manchester Marathon GFA!!!

Determined to achieve a Good For Age marathon time – just something to tell the grand children one day, I ran

Manchester Marathon in 2015. Having followed the Hanson training plan rigidly I ran the easiest race I’ve ever run and achieved a 3:30:54, with a negative split. I was over the moon. However some time later it was announced that for the 3 years that this marathon had been held, the course was short by 380 metres!!!!! My marathon PB was taken away from and I had to add 2 minutes to my time to submit to London to qualify for my Good For Age place. That was fine, the qualifying time was 3:50 so I was still well within. But I was gutted to have that 3:30 removed from my records. But I know I ran a marathon that day – you always run more than 26.2 miles in a marathon when you take the bends wide.